About Me

Video Editor. Storyteller.  Nerd. 
I am a Video Editor currently based in Seattle, Washington with 20 (TWENTY?!!!) years of experience in Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Avid. (Let's never talk about that large number again...)
I spent a good portion of my career in Metro Detroit working in many settings - including post houses, an in-house ad agency post-house, on set, and my own living room. 

Broadcast commercials, industrial videos, corporate videos, web content, and documentaries - long, medium, or short format ~ I've done it all.

To me, editing is the chance to put together a puzzle and to tell a story at the same time. It's not just a job to me, but my passion. It's fun! I feel I can bring that into my editing sessions and make the process a positive experience.
Other things about me: I LOVE the television show Twin Peaks and I make nerdy fan art about it, which I sell on Etsy. I knit, collect vinyl records, have a podcast about the 80s tv show Dallas, play cello (not well), spend as much time as I can with my two school-age boys, and am currently trying to learn German and Scottish Gaelic, glé mhath! 

Contact me:

MaryHutter@me.com  |  Tel 248-890-9288
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